Thursday, 10 August 2017

William Pike visits Rimu!

On the 9th of august, 2017, William Pike was coming over to our school at 2:00pm and we were getting ready for his arrival. Well... Base and I were getting ready for William's arrival, we made slide-show of what we have done so far at WPCA this year (we did rope climbing and sailing so far) & we also mentioned last year some people did it too, as well as that Base & I are the william pike leaders in our school.

When he arrived, we were told to greet him and to lead him into our classroom, then he talked to our classroom & I ChromeCasted my slideshow onto the television screen & showed the photo reel of our activities that we have done so far.  Then it was time for Base and I to lead William outside so he leave.

I had lots of fun and thank you for having a look at this blog post, if you want to comment, pls comment down below.

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