Monday, 27 November 2017

My A&P Show work

Hello, last week my class did 8 tasks about the A&P show, my first project I did was to choose a competitive sport, so i chose Woodchopping, here is my work sheet: 

After I completed my Competitive sports worksheet, I moved on to the Food Truck category, I had to design a food truck and have prices on food to tell me how much I would earn in result, here it is: 

After that, I managed to barely finish making a rollercoaster ride in the Ride category, here is what I like to call 'The Horse Shoe': 

After a week, we had to do comments on our A&P work, I was paired with Lucy E, here are the things she wrote about my work (I re-wrote some words for her, because I asked and because she has a problem with spelling) : 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, see ya later!

*(sorry that this image is sideways)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

My Oceanmaker narrative

On Tuesday, two weeks ago, my classroom did a narrative writing session writing what would happen in this short film called The OceanMaker and stopped at 1:45 to 1:46 seconds into the video so we could talk about that section of the video.

We described the landscape or the setting, we said what we felt like when we saw the landscape, we also asked important questions like, where are the other people or why did the water dry up, then we started to plan our narrative stories using this info from the section of the video we watched and expanding upon it.

Here is my planning sheet:

Here is my Writing document with the story I decided to write down*:
*I had trouble getting the document in the blog post, sorry.

In a barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland, which was once a coastal sea, now flooded with sand, new mountains and cliffs, as well as hundreds of shipwrecks and scrap, over top a submarine settlement, a rusty, old yellow Bi-Plane flies overhead.
Within the Cockpit, there were multiple notes and a schematic for a rainmaker, the pilot stands up and looks around using a pair of binoculars to see anything interesting, she then puts down the binoculars and rubs her eyes.
She then sees something in the distance, in the corner of her eye, a Lighthouse lights up, she immediately looks through the binoculars and looks at the Lighthouse and then turns left, to reveal a cloud in the distance. She races towards it, then she hears a big Boom sound. Her plane’s turbines had malfunctioned.
Her heart racing, trying to stop crashing, she tries to maneuver the plane towards the lighthouse to not die and to get repairs done to the plane, she almost fails to land, but doesn’t. she then runs towards the lighthouse and proceeds to knock the door, then came bursting out was the local mechanic.
She told him what happened, so he obliged to help her repair her plane using same scrap from his scrapyard, after 20 minutes the plane was ready to fly again, the pilot thanked the old mechanic for helping and gave some food in return, then she flew off to the distance, chasing the clouds so she could make some rain and hopefully make life better for everyone.

Thank you for reading this blogpost and please give me some of your feedback to me. :D

Friday, 20 October 2017

My Uru Mānuka Logo

This is my Logo of Uru Mānuka, which represents Uru Mānuka.
The trees represent Uru Mānuka, the flowers represent the 8 schools in Uru Mānuka, the colour Green represents harmony, the colour Brown represents how solid Uru Mānuka is and that it can’t be broken, the colour Blue represents how professional Uru Mānuka is.
I used Google Drawings to make this Logo.

This is my logo design process: I had to make a logo of Uru Mānuka, so I got an idea of a swamp/marshy region, because Uru Mānuka is based in the former swamplands in hornby.

So I started with a circular base for where the water will be, then I started to add trees (preferably Rimu trees) and a small patch of land for where I will put 8 flowers (that represent the 8 schools in Uru Mānuka) and then I coloured in the water, the trees and the flowers.
For more of a swamp effect, I added more trees and white lines for a reflection effect.

 It would be really great if you could give me your feedback about my Logo to me, thank you.

Monday, 11 September 2017

I came 1st in a category at Digi-Awards!

On tuesday, 5 / 9 / 2017, I had to go to the digi-awards ceremony with my family & Ian, my friend & work partner, came along too.
when we arrived, we found a place to sit down, then more of Ian's family members came as well, then the awards for each age group and category, when it finally came to the Movie Making - Music category for yr7-8 and then, we couldn't believe it, but we had came 1st! Excited, we immediately came to the stage and got our certificates plus 2 boomboxes each for our prize for coming 1st and saw our music video (Hospitality Town) playing behind us. Later, we decided to go to back to our homes.

The next day, I opened up my new boombox, it was amazing, I quickly knew how to use it and get it all set up. I am proud that I won a category in digi-awards, especially with a friend. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and please comment down below.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

My timetable for week 4

hello everyone, this is my time table for this week, I hope you approve it and if you nice comments to say, got the comment section down below.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Bill Nagelkerke visits Rimu

On Monday, 14-8-2017, we had a visit from the author, Bill Nagelkerke, who told us about what to do write good stories, how hard it is to write one, and what he did with writing in his childhood.

I learned a lot from him at this visit and I really enjoyed it, especially when he did a magic trick.
thank you viewing this blog post & pls comment down below. Have fun.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

William Pike visits Rimu!

On the 9th of august, 2017, William Pike was coming over to our school at 2:00pm and we were getting ready for his arrival. Well... Base and I were getting ready for William's arrival, we made slide-show of what we have done so far at WPCA this year (we did rope climbing and sailing so far) & we also mentioned last year some people did it too, as well as that Base & I are the william pike leaders in our school.

When he arrived, we were told to greet him and to lead him into our classroom, then he talked to our classroom & I ChromeCasted my slideshow onto the television screen & showed the photo reel of our activities that we have done so far.  Then it was time for Base and I to lead William outside so he leave.

I had lots of fun and thank you for having a look at this blog post, if you want to comment, pls comment down below.